This blog will target three areas that are of concern to each and every one of us: our physical bodies, our non-physical existence, and our relationships. Relationships are tricky, but it is through building ourselves that we can enter into them with ease. Relationships therefore will be emphasized later. We do not profess to be relationship experts and will not give you advice on how to mend your marriage, or how to find your soul mate, or how to get along with your boss .

What we will do is share our ideas on how to mend your body, how to find yourself, and how to live an extraordinary life you did not think possible.

And while the relationship part of the equation is secondary, we can tell you as we told you in the part about our process, that relationships can work. That is how this blog was created. It is not about Rhonda or Sandrine. It is about what we think together. And we don’t care about either one taking credit for these ideas because they are ours, and who said what first never matters. We don’t even know. We don’t keep track. And we don’t care.

These blog posts will be equated with various topics on the physical body, on the non-physical part of ourselves, and of course, there will be some content on that all important topic of relationships.

Posts on the physical body will focus a lot on fitness because after all, we are authors of a weight loss book.

Sandrine is a wellness coach and Rhonda has benefited from that knowledge. See how it works? People work together and they help each other. We are all in this together!

We plan to delve into health and healing too, an interest we share. That the physical body is the vehicle that takes our spirit through this physical life is basic to our wellness. We cannot just pay attention to the spiritual journey. We are first given this body and we have to take care of it. Through doing so, we feel better, and this prepares us for everything else.

Some of our posts will help you gain clarity for the week by providing you with ways to cope with stress, to organize your life, and to come to terms with the four categories in your life, which are—as Sandrine likes to call them—our clutter files.

The clutter files are sorted into four categories: Past, Future, Responsibilities, and Other People. Living life on your own terms, and living life without fear and worry, is simply a matter of filing your thoughts, but of course, it is a bit more complicated than that, which is why we are writing this blog.

Follow us as we evolve as individuals and as co-creators of this blog, and share your thoughts with us, and we can all grow together.

Follow this blog. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter. Let us know your thoughts. We want to connect with you.