5 Tips for Returning to the Gym

So you haven’t been to the gym for awhile, right? We definitely say go for it, but before you do, keep these things in mind.

Start Back to the Gym After Some Exercise. If you have let your gym membership go for a long time, you might want to work up to rejoining. Begin exercising again by walking outside  for the amount of time you might spend at the gym. This way, when you return, it will not be a shock to your system.

Choose Activities with Caution. If you dive in head first, you will surely either hurt yourself, or will be very sore. This might even work against you because you will avoid the gym as a result. Start with easier exercises. A personal trainer can help you select the best routines for your level of fitness.

Gradually Increase Frequency. Recognize that you need time to get back in shape. You cannot do this overnight so take your time. If you were working out six days a week in the past, and want to get back to it, start with three days a week and work up to it.

Stretch. We can’t emphasize this enough! Stretch before your workout and after your workout. This will help prevent injuries and is particularly important when you are just starting out.

Reward yourself. This might be something along the lines of buying a new iTunes song to run with, or it might be a pair of running shoes after you hit a certain goal. Small rewards help keep you motivated.